As the video came up on my TV screen I immediately recognized my young nephew Nathan. Barely four or five years old at the time, I could see him in the camera lens wearing his Spider-man rubber boots & a big winter parka. He was just a little bundle climbing up what appeared to me, to be a very rocky & treacherous hillside path. I could hear his little voice calling back to what I then determined was his father , who was advancing up the slope behind him. His daddy was holding the video camera that was filming the ascent & chuckling & encouraging his young son. Now, I will tell you that my first impression was --- “Get that child down from there before he slips & hurts himself”. I then questioned whether my brother-in-law was operating with all of his faculties with the thought forming in my mind something like “Have you lost your mind?!!” Nathan was dutifully climbing this steep rocky slope as fast as he could & looked like a mini-Michelin Man as he labored on. “ No daddy!! I’m scared daddy!!”, Nathan repeatedly called back to his dad. His father could be heard audibly giggling as he encouraged his young son up the slope. “ You’re okay Nathan” was his daddy’s call back to him. “ I’m right behind you son, you can do it I know you can.” Now, Nathan at no time looked back. He kept his eyes on the hill ahead of him & though he was less than confident, he kept climbing. I had assumed, as I watched his bulky snowsuit body keep going up & up that hill, that at some point he would just sit down & begin to cry … but he never did. When the filming finally showed them at the crest of the hill the grin on Nathan’s face was from ear to ear!!! A priceless moment of victory for this little guy!! Courage had been birthed in himself & a bond of trust had been built with his daddy --- who had not lied to him.!!! His daddy was right --- He HAD done it !!!

That is a picture of faith for us. As you move through life & begin to climb your own rocky slopes, don’t forget your Daddy is right behind you. HE will be the lamp to your feet & the light for your path.!! HE is the one that sticks closer than a brother. HE is the one about whom you can say “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. “ If GOD be for me then who shall be against me?”You make be scared but just keep your eyes on the road ahead & say “ I’m coming LORD!!--- “ I can barely move, but I’m coming LORD !!!” “ My lip is bloody & my eyes are swollen from the fight … but I’m coming LORD!” “ I’ve got nowhere else to go so I’m coming LORD!” “ I’m exhausted from the struggle but I’m coming LORD!!” FAITH is knowing that there is a divine hand moving in an unexplained world. I cannot feel HIM but I know HE is there. I cannot show you a picture of HIM but I know HIS face by heart. I cannot tell you what HIS voice sounds like … but I can hear HIM unmistakably in my spirit.

Copyright © by Lynn Parker