WD... NS... NC

WD …. NS …. NC ….

These are terms well known to all tournament golfers.

The game of golf has some notable anachronisms that appear on tournament scoreboards worldwide. The terms give a clear picture of what happened to a tournament entrant with a minimum of fuss & melodrama. It occurred to me that it would be helpful for the scoreboards of life to be as easily explainable. How many times have you thought to yourself, “ I wonder what ever happened to so and so?”

What if we could google some social media ”life tallying scoreboard” & learn that someone we once knew simply “W – D’ed” — that means “ withdrew”?

They simply withdrew from life ….

No more hopes or dreams to break a heart. No more energy expended in some fruitless enterprise. No more bad lies, or bad breaks.. The light has gone out. “Ain’t” anybody home.

Or perhaps the "N – S” might appear on the scoreboard of a life.

That means they “no showed”.

They did not even have the inclination to announce departure — they just never showed up.. These folks are different from the people who withdrew, at least the players who “withdrew” intended to show up. The “no shows” never intended to play. They never invested the time to hope or dream, they never risked a broken heart or failure, they did not even put their cleats on! Nothing was ventured ; therefore nothing could be gained.  Expecting nothing … they could never be disappointed. The light is not just — out !!— it never got turned on.

“N—C” means “no card”. This indicates that a player started to play the game & then some bad break, or ball out-of-bounds, or monstrous score on the back nine caused them to despair of posting a score that was not in keeping with their own image of themselves.

So the scorecard of life is tragically “no carded ” away. “Not a college graduate” “Not a superstar” “Never pledged a sorority” — Could never post the score for they had the "wrong zip code”  "wrong car" "wrong purse",  "wrong shoes", "were from the wrong side of the tracks" “Never married” “divorced"...  Would that we could count all the shots & post the tournament score — humbly tallying & owning all our miss-hits! scanks !! & scuffed heel shots!! Would that we could relish all the shots that came off the club head just right! —and be thankful for the occasional magical shot that got holed from the fairway. Would that we would spend little time bemoaning the bad bounce or missed putt. Life gets messy !!! Our intentions get sidetracked !! Our purposes get misdirected!! But it is critical for our lives to own it all — the good ! the bad!! & the really ugly!!

Scripture tells us in Job 23:10 “GOD knows the way that I take. And when HE has tested me I shall come forth as pure gold!!”

Every experience of our lives leads to the molded totality of what GOD has purposed for us. Nothing we go through is wasted! The person we are to be, in GOD’S view, requires HIM to stretch & shape us. We can never become the best GOD would have us be, by trying to skip the class or gain wisdom & understanding by reading the cliff notes. We can’t “ withdraw”or “no show” or “no card “ our way through this world. The game requires that we show up. —That we tee it up & be prepared to finish the course !!! We cannot stop the clock & wave in a substitution. This life will require much practice. It will come with some hard knocks & occasionally call for improvised shot-making. But the prophet Jeremiah encourages us ( speaking GOD’S words) “ For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD,” plans to prosper you and not harm you , plans to give you a hope and a future.”Jeremiah. 29:11

Come ready to play ! Hit the shot ! Go find it! Then, hit it again !!! Count it all !! Rest secure!!! — your GOD knows ! Your GOD knows!!